Everything You Need to Know About Gas Leaks

Everything You Need to Know About Gas Leaks

Gas leaks are scary since they can be dangerous, and you may not realise you have one. A gas leak occurs when a gas line or any gas-burning appliance springs a leak, and the gas seeps into the open air. Natural/LPG gas in your home is highly flammable and can form explosive mixtures when exposed to the atmosphere.

Gas leaks happen due to different reasons. As gas pipes age, they can begin to bend, warp, or even break. Exposed gas pipes can also cause them to rust and wear away the outer material, resulting in hairline fractures. Another gas leak cause is when your home supply lines become unseated from appliances. These leaks are dangerous due to their proximity to flames. This is why you should have a licensed gas plumber near you on speed dial.

How to Detect a Gas Leak

  • Smelling rotten eggs or sulphur
  • Higher gas bills
  • Gas pilot light keeps going out
  • Scorching or soot in unusual places
  • Feeling unwell
  • Nosebleeds
  • Light-headedness or drowsiness

If you suspect you have a gas leak, tell everyone in your home and leave it as soon as possible. The next step is to call our licensed gas fitters in Brisbane. Before we arrive, there are many things you need to avoid doing when you believe you have a gas leak. For instance, you should not start your car or use light switches. However, you can turn off any gas appliances and shut off your gas at the gas meter. Do not turn the gas back on until our professional gas fitter can fix the problem and declare your home safe.

How Can You Prevent a Gas Leak?

Although you should never attempt to fix a gas leak, there are some things you can do to prevent a gas leak and keep your family safe. The best thing is to have our gas fitters in Salisbury do a routine inspection of your gas lines and systems. You can also check for damage and corrosion signs. Listen for hissing noises, especially around appliances. Additionally, you should maintain your gas cooktops and oven. By keeping the equipment clean it will reduce the possibility of the heads being blocked. Call our gas experts at Alexander Gas & Plumbing if you detect any problems.

Alexander Gas & Plumbing Co is a family-owned plumbing and gas company providing 24/7 services. We are highly experienced and have earned a reputation for a high standard of work and excellent customer service. Our experience and industry knowledge enable us to deliver safe and reliable solutions. Alexander Gas & Plumbing Co provides plumbing and gas service in the Brisbane and Ipswich region. Our team also recognises that the industry is evolving. So, we engage in consistent re-training to remain updated with industry developments. This training enables us to deliver successful results with new technologies and the latest industry trends. Our team is equipped and only a phone call away if you need gas installation, maintenance, repairs, or emergency gas services.

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