Effective High Pressure Water Jetting to Unblock Drains

If you’re experiencing persistent blocked drains or slow-draining water, hydro jetting may be the ideal solution for you. Hydro jetting, also known as high pressure water jetting, involves using extreme water pressure to remove stubborn blockages and debris from your drains. Our expert team at Alexander Gas & Plumbing Co. in Brisbane utilises advanced CCTV drain inspection technology to identify the cause and location of the blockage accurately. This technology ensures that we apply the precise pressure needed to clear your clogged drains effectively.

Common causes of blocked drains include tree roots and accumulated debris entering the drainage system over time. The high pressure water jetting we use is powerful enough to cut through any roots or blockages in its path, leaving your drains thoroughly clean and free-flowing. Once the hydro jetting process is completed, your drains will be restored to optimal condition, thanks to the high-pressure wash.

Hydro-jetting With High Water Pressure Cleans Blocked Drains
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Blocked Drain Hydro-Jetting Brisbane in Progress by qualified Plumber
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Hydro Jetting For Stubborn Blocked Drains

Blocked drains can quickly escalate into serious issues, but our 24/7 emergency plumbers are always on call and available throughout Brisbane when you need us. Our hydro jet drain cleaning services are pressurised to 5000 psi and can reach up to 100 metres, ensuring that no blockage is too challenging for us to handle. We are fully licensed, insured, and qualified to unblock even the most stubborn clogs in hard-to-reach drainage systems.

By choosing Alexander Gas & Plumbing Co. for your blocked drains, you’ll save valuable time and money while receiving top-quality results. Our commitment to providing the best service ensures your drains are unblocked and functioning efficiently as quickly as possible.

Contact us today to clean out the most blocked up drains in Brisbane and experience the benefits of our advanced hydro jetting technology. 

Call or send us an SMS on  0404 823 184 or email us at admin@agpco.com.au

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Hydro Jetting Service for Blocked Drains

Is Hydro Jetting the Same as High Pressure Water Jetting?

Yes, hydro jetting and high-pressure water jetting refer to the same process. Both terms describe the method of using high-pressure water streams to clean and clear pipes of debris, blockages, and buildup. This technique is highly effective for maintaining the cleanliness and functionality of plumbing systems, making it a preferred choice for residential and commercial applications.

For fast and efficient drain cleaning services in Brisbane,  contact Alexander Gas & Plumbing Co for a fast quote on 0404 823 414 or email us here

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How Do Hydro Jets Work in Terms of Drain Clearing?


Hydro jetting is a highly effective method for clearing drains and pipes using high-pressure water streams. A hydro jet system consists of a large water tank, a high-pressure hose, and a specialised nozzle that directs water at pressures of up to 4,000 PSI. The powerful jets of water can break up and flush away all types of debris, including grease, sludge, and mineral buildup, from the inside walls of pipes. The process begins with a video inspection to identify the exact location and nature of the blockage. Once identified, the hydro jet is inserted into the drain and activated, scouring the pipe clean from the inside out, ensuring thorough and long-lasting results.

For of the only hydro jetting services in Brisbane, contact Alexander Gas & Plumbing Co on 0404 823 184 or contact us here

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Who Can Perform Hydro Jetting?

Hydro jetting should always be performed by licensed and experienced professionals. At Alexander Gas & Plumbing, our trained technicians have the expertise and equipment necessary to safely and effectively carry out hydro jetting services. We ensure a thorough inspection and assessment of your plumbing system before beginning the process to guarantee the best results. Hiring a professional service ensures that the job is done correctly, reducing the risk of damage to your pipes and providing a long-lasting solution to your plumbing issues.  Call or text us on 0404 823 184 to book in an appointment for us to inspect your drains and provide our recommendations. 

Can Hydro Jetting Damage Old PVC Pipes?

Hydro jetting is generally safe for most types of pipes, including PVC. However, caution is necessary when dealing with older, fragile pipes. The high-pressure water used in hydro jetting can potentially cause damage to pipes that are already compromised by age or previous damage. It is essential to have a professional plumbing service, like Alexander Gas & Plumbing, perform a thorough inspection before proceeding with hydro jetting. Our trained technicians can assess the condition of your pipes and determine the appropriate pressure level to use, ensuring the process is safe and effective.

To arrange an inspection contact Alexander Gas & Plumbing Co on 0404 823 184 or email us here

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Is Hydro Jetting Better Than Snaking for Drain Clearing?

Hydro jetting is generally considered superior to traditional snaking methods for several reasons. While snaking, or using an auger, can effectively break up and remove certain types of clogs, it often only punctures a hole through the blockage, leaving residue on the pipe walls. This can lead to recurring clogs. In contrast, hydro jetting uses high-pressure water to thoroughly clean the entire pipe, removing all debris, grease, and buildup, providing a more comprehensive solution. Additionally, hydro jetting is capable of handling a wider range of blockages, including heavy grease, sludge, and tree roots, making it a more versatile and effective option for complete drain clearing.

For fast and reliable hydro jetting services contact us for a quotation on 0404 823 414 or email us here

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Will Hydro Jetting Clear Roots?

Yes, hydro jetting is highly effective in clearing roots from pipes. Tree roots can infiltrate sewer lines and drains, causing significant blockages and damage. The high-pressure water jets used in hydro jetting can cut through and remove even the toughest root intrusions. The process not only clears the existing blockage but also helps to prevent future root growth by thoroughly cleaning the pipe interior, reducing the likelihood of roots re-entering. However, in cases of extensive root damage, additional repairs or pipe replacements may be necessary. Just give us a call on 0404 823 184 or contact us via email here

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Do you service my area?
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Is Hydro Jetting Worth It?

Absolutely, hydro jetting is worth it for many reasons. This advanced method of drain cleaning provides a thorough and effective solution for clearing stubborn clogs and maintaining the integrity of your plumbing system. Unlike traditional methods, hydro jetting completely clears the pipe walls of grease, sludge, roots, and other debris, which can help prevent future blockages. Additionally, hydro jetting can extend the lifespan of your pipes by maintaining a cleaner, more efficient system. While the initial cost may be higher than other methods, the long-term benefits and reduced need for future repairs make hydro jetting a cost-effective choice.

For a comprehensive inspection, contact Alexander Gas & Plumbing  on 0404 823 184 or email us at admin@agpco.com.au

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