gas hot water system brisbane

Your Reliable Gas Hot Water System Services In Brisbane

Do you want a gas hot water system in your Brisbane property? Perhaps you need repairs for your unit? Let us help you. Our team at Alexander Gas & Plumbing will fix all your system issues so that you can once again enjoy a hot shower. You can also avoid the hassle of paying  higher bills caused by the energy consumption of an inefficient unit.

When you notice something’s wrong with your gas hot water system in your Brisbane home, you can check it, but you have to remember that the repair should be done by a professional to prevent further issues. For your safety, never touch the gas valve.

Let us check the unit for you. Our tradespeople can easily detect the problems and provide you with the best solution. For replacements, we will ensure that your options will fit your budget.

Our Promise To Our Brisbane Customers Who Require Gas Hot Water System Services

Our expert team at Alexander Gas & Plumbing is ready for you 24/7 for all your gas hot water system repair needs in Brisbane. Our commitment is to bring the highest quality of service, workmanship, and customer service.

Our team members are up-to-date with all the standards and trends of the industry. We also have extensive knowledge of various gas hot water system brands offered in Brisbane. All these combined with our latest plumbing and gas fitting technologies, our tradesmen can give you the best service.

Our customers are satisfied with the work that we do. Here’s a testimonial:

Richard did a great job doing the installation for a gas-powered coffee machine on a tricycle cargo bike. Not exactly an everyday job but he did it quickly and professionally and he clearly knows what he is doing.”

– Bert from Moorooka

gas hot water system brisbane
gas hot water system brisbane

How To Check For Gas Hot Water System Problems In Your Brisbane Property

We highly discourage troubleshooting your Brisbane gas hot water system yourself. However, there are still steps you can perform to determine if it indeed needs repairs. Here are some common problems and the things to check.

  • No hot water – Firstly, check if the unit is plugged in and switched on. Secondly, look at the setting to see if it’s at the proper temperature. Finally, check if the gas flows by observing your other appliances. If it does, then it’s not the issue. And if those appliances are not working correctly, then you might have found your problem. Call us for assistance.
  • Lukewarm water – The problem might be with the thermostat or the diaphragm.
  • The temperature isn’t consistent. Here are some possible problems:
    • Undersized gas bottle
    • A damaged showerhead
    • The diaphragm has a problem

If you’re looking for a dependable gas water system installer or service, call Alexander Gas & Plumbing today!

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